Rae Michalik

Co-Founder + CEO, Meraki Narrative

Co-Founder, Bookha Studios

So no, Rockwell is not my last name. I'm Rae (short for Rachel) and I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. At the age of 22, I moved to New York City with $800 in my bank account for an unpaid internship - and was hired 4 weeks later. Over the next six years I worked full time in two fashion houses, various freelance jobs, hospitality, and the modeling industry.

In July 2016, I left New York City with a savings to travel for the remainder of the year. I spent time in Colombia, traveled the States, and then backpacked in Europe for three months before returning to NYC for consulting. In March 2017, I traded the East Coast for the "best coast" and moved to Los Angeles.

After working a few freelance jobs (some better than others), I met my business partner, Eleanor Lee and started Meraki Narrative - a boutique creative + social media agency in October 2017. Subsequently to my new found career, I’ve also become a micro-influencer & collaborate with brands for my personal Instagram. After a year in business, Meraki Narrative went in on a photo studio in downtown LA, Bookha Studios with Champagne Cochran.

I’m obsessed with my job, love meeting creatives, collaborating, & travel. Please reach out if you’d like to work together!